Football is a central part of our lives. It is the Centrocampista, the middle of the park, the heartbeat. Welcome to the club...

Greatness inspires all athletes. Speaking to most athletes there is a common inspiration amongst most: the #Jumpman My high school days were represented by wearing Jordan’s everyday (Jordan 3’s) & watching MJ dominate like no other. Jordan’s have become a part of my life, reminiscing childhood memories & as an adult nodding in approval when seeing J’s on another persons feet. #MarcoMaterazzi career & life have been inspired by #23 his game number, his marriage date & sons birth date. Nike and Materazzi celebrate his journey to greatness with special editons of the #Tiempo94 Materazzi seized the opportunity to emphasize two key influences: The first Jordan Brand Game Shoe, and the city of Milan. #Jordan x #InterMilan x #ACMIlan @nikefootball #tiempo94crew

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